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It’s just a matter of time! And this time-honoured advice on grieving remains as true today as it has always been – a day will come that feels not quite as bad as the one that went before.

Those who are grieving sometimes try one of the talking therapies, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), in an attempt to ease their pain. Unfortunately, talking therapies generally seem to offer only marginal benefits – grieving usually continues very much at its own slow pace.

However, some other techniques can be extraordinarily beneficial, allowing individuals to move quickly and relatively easily through the grieving process. The caveat, and it’s a very significant one, is that the techniques that are most effective only work for a relatively small percentage of people (those with very specific personality traits).

In this section, we’ll examine a variety of techniques – from those that are moderately effective and easy to implement to those that are very effective but rather niche. These techniques can be arranged in a hierarchy according to the extent to which they involve the deceased: those that focus on moving on from the death, those that focus on the memory of the deceased, and those that attempt to “reverse” the death in some manner so that life can continue on as it used to be:


*Repurposing Grief – Pay It Forward

*Engaging with the Deceased’s Interests

*Creating a Memorial

*Crossover Therapy – Bridging the Gulf

*Dream Resurrection

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